Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Adore Le Pug at LEPUG.com!

Hey guys...we decided to combine our blogs into one blog. Please visit our blog over at http://www.LEPUG.com! Thanks for visiting and reading. We will see you guys at LePUG.com!

Cats & Dogs, the movie, is awesome! Cute, fun, and very entertaining!

We just watched Cats & Dogs and it's so cute! Although it makes you think twice about cats. In the movie, there's a secret war between the Cats & Dogs that we humans are too clueless to notice. The eternal battel between Cats & Dogs is kind of like Vampires versus Werewolves but PG-13 and super cute! A human scientist (played by Jeff Goldblum) working on a vaccine to eliminate dog allergies. It's the job of the Dogs to protect this lab (secret lab at Goldblum's home) from the Cats, who also want to get a hold of this new vaccine and destroy it. A new puppy played by Tobey McGuire accidentally gets mistaken for secret agent and now has to protect the vaccine and prevent the Cats from getting their hands on it. A few other secret agent dogs in the neighborhood help him by watching over him and teaching him the ropes. A fun, loveable family movie. Loved it!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Amazing Skateboarding and Waterskiing Dog!

Who says sports are not for dogs? This adventurous dog proves that he can be included with the family for fun traveling and any outting!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh mange why are you still here?

Our Brownie here has had mange, lost hair, looked sad, take Ivermectin everyday for over a month, healed, hair grew back. But after one month of good hair and wrinkles, the hair is slightly thinning after he stayed at the Pet Hotel for 5 days. We know it's the separation anxiety and stress of being away from Mom & Dad, but then he has his brother with him the whole time...

The Vet told us to continue to watch it but that the medication is not necessary unless it shows signs of further hair loss...although I don't know how good she is if she did not notice that our Browner has a light thinning in his forehead which the Vet "missed" but only because she only examined from the front..!!! Can you believe that? Hopefully, this mange goes away since we would hate to have to feed him meds for another few months...

In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE and may you and your family have a safe holiday and a very healthy New Year!

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's the year of the dog! Everything is dog...

It is just me or everywhere is a dog, magazines, television, movies, fashion, food, is all going to the dog! Even the dog spa products are better than what I use! It's crazy...it has never been this good to be a dog...what a good life they live. I am working and my two dogs are snoring and farting away...oh what a life!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"March of the Penguins" movie

I have been hearing from everyone that "March of the Penguins" is a must watch movie...we wear thinking of renting it this weekend to watch with the two boys. They really like watching tv, especially "Dog Whisperer" but thye get too excited. Oh, they look so cute on the couch, with each on one side of the pillow, sharing one pillow. I love my babies.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog" is a must watch!

This movie was too sweet! My dogs and I watched this, we laughed, we cried, it really made me feel greatful to have my dogs and to be loved by them. This is a heartfelt story of a resourceful boy who gets lost in the uncharted forest with his only companion, Yellow Dog, a yellow Labrador. As they struggle to stay alive to find help or be found by rescuers, their bond and journey together is both fun and touching. Even if you don't have a Lab (which I don't), you can appreciate it. We are reminded of the deep heartfelt love for our beloved best friends and just how wonderful life is with them. We absolutely loved this movie and could not recommend it enough! Definitely a great family movie and dog lover movie!

I loved "Marley & Me" (and I also cried reading it), which is the story about a family's life with their Yellow Lab, but how come so many Lab books and movies, but what about our beloved pugs? I know, we got the "Adventures of Otis & Milo" and "Men in Black I & II", but I don't mind if we had a few more pug movies. :)

In the meanwhile, we will continue to enjoy "Dog Whisperer". It's our favorite family (fam. unit includes mom, dad, Porky pug, Brownie pug) tv show.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

What does it mean when older dogs get mange?

Recently my younger dog, Brownie, got mange and lost his hair on his beautiful wrinkled forehead. It was disturbing to learn that mange usually occurs in puppies. When an adult dog which gets mange, it usually means their immune system is weaker and could not defend against it. Both the dogs are energetic and have not had anything weird happen...no changes in everyday life. Well, Brownie did eat his brother's poo a while ago but I don't think that would cause his immune system to weaken. Also, we left the dogs at the pet hotel when we went on a business trip but we do that regularly and the dogs love the manager there, who has three pugs of her own. Hmmm...

Lately, it has been one thing after another. First Porky pukes and loses his appetite (he is good now!) and now Brownie has lost his hair on his forehead. He is one of those cute pugs that have the best wrinkles and huge, gigantic "Ain't I Cute and Irresistable?" eyes. We are giving him Irvermetin and the Vet says we need to do this for two months! Dog mange is very annoying. I wonder if there is any other way to get rid of it and have the hair grow back...did I mention sometimes the hair doesn't grow back? So sad...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brown loves toys!

It's the darndest thing! My Brownie loves toys! He is too funny. Are there any other pugs or dogs out there that like to fall asleep with their mouth over the head of the stuff animal? He especially loves snakes, long octapus, and any other long shape stuff animals. It's so cute! Does your pugs do this?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I think my dog is eating his own poo...uummm

I noticed my dog Pork sniffing at his potty bin and I thought that it was because he was sniffing at his brother's poo but then when I looked at him again shortly thereafter, the poo disappeared. We were cleaning the potty bin and noticed some "missing" poo. Now we have to be extra alert for any more poo eating to stop it. It's not unusual or uncommon for dogs to eat their own or another dog's feces but just so yuck! Does anyone have any tips to stop this behavior? Much appreciated!